Welcome to my cozy corner of creativity 

My name is Alena ✨ 
I am the owner, creator & photorealistic illustrator of Asuzava.
I transform moments into art, based on your photo.
In other words, I create digital illustrations based on reference photos, just for you.
I believe that every stroke of a pencil, every inked line and every thought captured is a piece of magic
and I want to share that magic with you.
My identity as an artist is shaped by my unique style and techniques.

My creative journey began amidst the charming landscapes of The Netherlands,
where inspiration flows like the winding canals and vibrant tulip fields,
with a simple love for drawing & stationery - their texture, their promise and the stories they hold.
And now, as I continue my adventure in the picturesque landscapes of Portugal,
where inspiration flows like the gentle waves of the Atlantic,
my cozy studio was reborn and it remains a sanctuary where paper whispers secrets and pixels dance to life.
My products are more than just a blank pages.
Whether you are jotting down dreams, sketching your next masterpiece,
or penning heartfelt letters, they inspire creativity. 
Every product is designed with love and made with using premium materials,
ensuring that each piece is a work of art. 

Thank you for supporting a dream and helping me continue doing what I love ✨

I care deeply about our planet, that’s why all paper supply is sourced responsibly and packaging is eco-friendly.